New Dialect

I’ve had the pleasure of working with this group called New Dialect, started by the incredible dancer, Banning Bouldin. It feels very natural to capture this crew in their own private and corporate moments, mainly because everything they do is simple and delicate or bold and beautifully intense. More photos of this group on my website,


IMG_0560 IMG_0868 IMG_1002NewDialectLF82 IMG_1016   ND6-14LargeFile29 ND6-14WEBFile34 New DialectWEB9 New DialectWEB13 New DialectWEB54 New DialectWEB58 New DialectWEB68 New DialectWEB91NewDialectLF41 New DialectWEB117 New DialectWEB121 New DialectWEB128 NewDialectLF16IMG_8644-2 NewDialectLF20 NewDialectLF21 NewDialectLF29  NewDialectLF70 NewDialectLF78  NewDialectLF85  NewDialectLF107NewDialectLF91 NewDialectLF113

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